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“I have the courage to take risks and the determination to succeed. I am confident in my abilities and I know that with hard work, dedication, and a positive mindset, I can achieve my goals.”

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Hi, I’m Adrien K. N.


I had always been interested in business and saw e-commerce as a way to make his mark in the world. I began by selling small items on the street corner, but my ultimate goal was to open my own store. My street vending business was a stepping stone to my dream, with the help of my determination to provide quality products and excellent customer service, I built a reputation and a loyal customer base. I saved my earnings and expanded my street vending business, always looking for ways to improve and expand. After a few years of hard work, I finally opened my own e-commerce store, “Store S&H” which stands for “Solve with happiness”, reflecting his goal of providing solution and happiness to my customers. I’ve faced many challenges in the fiercely competitive e-commerce industry but my hard work, determination and dedication helped him navigate through financial difficulties and expand my business. Despite the challenges, I’ve succeeded in building a thriving e-commerce business, Store S&H had grown from a small street vending business to a successful store with loyal customers from all over the the world.

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